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100% NATURAL & SAFE: Hurrb Catnip is completely natural with zero fillers, and is harvested at peak growing season to ensure your cat is getting the cream of the crop.
THE PURR-FECT BUZZ: Whether your fur baby is sad, bored, or anxious, a single whiff of Hurrb is all they need to enjoy a crazy cat buzz that’ll leave them both stimulated and relaxed.
SINGLE ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Just one, Nepetalactone. The natural chemical found in catnip that's responsible for your cat doing jumping jacks when they smell or consume catnip.
FOR PLAY & TRAINING: Perfect for refilling catnip toys, introducing new accessories, or even sprinkling some Hurrb Catnip on their scratch post to train the little fur ball to use it instead of your furniture.
NON-ADDICTIVE: Hurrb Catnip is non-addictive. Since it's non-GMO, there are no added ingredients that are harmful for your pet.