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Easy to Install:
No need for straps or tools. Just peel off the self-adhesive film and stick it on whatever you want to protect. You can add extra safeguards by adding pins, and tailor them to fit your furniture.
Crystal Clear:
You don't have to remove it when guests are around. The solution is transparent and crystal clear. It will blend perfectly into the fabric, so you won't even notice it's there.
Safe and Durable:
It's made of non-toxic, marine-grade clear vinyl. The most durable kind. It's thick enough to deter cats from clawing and soft enough to conform to the contours of your furniture and keep cats' claws from shredding the sofa.
Works on Almost All Furniture:
Yes, it sticks to leather, and no, it won't damage it if you peel it off. It doesn't require pins and doesn't leave a sticky film afterward. So, it's perfect for wood and leather furniture.
Cost-Effective Choice:
They certainly cost less than a new sofa. It's a small investment to keep your furniture in pristine condition. The film lasts a while without needing to be replaced.