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Why Do Cats Need a Drinking Fountain?

Cats need water, but aren’t great drinkers. Ironic, huh...?
Some only drink from their human’s glass of water, others refuse to drink from anything else and will meow your ears off until you turn on the tap. Ever thought about getting your cat a cat drinking fountain? Here’s 5 reasons why you should:
1. Most cats don’t drink enough water
Did you know that cats don’t have the instinct to drink much? That's because their bodies are still adapted to getting most of their water intake from the food they eat, just as their ancestors got most of their hydration from the prey they caught. Since indoor cats don’t have the luxury of catching any mice, birds, or other prey, they need to drink a lot of water. Entice your cats to drink more with a cat water fountain. The Whiskertons Cat Flower Fountain has 3 water flow settings to satisfy even the pickiest drinkers.
2. Water is vital for your cat’s health
Staying hydrated is key to preventing kidney and urinary tract diseases. When cats don’t drink enough, the minerals in their urine start to crystallize and form stones, which can have dire consequences. So, it’s safe to say that a pet water fountain that entices your cat to drink more is pretty important. But, why do cats love running water?
3. A cat fountain entices your cat to drink more
The biggest advantage to a pet fountain is the sound of falling water. It’s that magical siren call that draws your cat in. The concept goes back to the original desert cats our domestic felines evolved from. Their ancestral brains know falling water means “time to drink”. A simple solution to a complicated health problem.
4. Cats consider standing water to be unsafe
In nature, standing water is a breeding ground for nasty bacteria that could make a cat violently ill. Running water, on the other hand, is much safer which is why many domestic cats still prefer running water. The Whiskertons Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain has a Triple Action Water Filter that removes any hair, dirt, food particles, and bacteria, keeping your fur baby's water fresh at all times.
5. Cats hate having their whiskers touched
A cat’s whiskers are incredibly sensitive and provide your feline with information about their surrounding space. In fact, some cats become stressed when their whiskers are being touched without a good reason, for example when drinking or eating from a bowl that’s too deep. This condition is known as whisker stress or whisker fatigue. Our Automatic Cat Water Fountains are designed to keep your cat’s whiskers untouched so they can enjoy a comfortable, stress-free drinking experience. Our fountains are also made with the best possible materials and are entirely BPA-free!